Stone Soup Magazine: November 2020

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Stone Soup Magazine: November 2020. Volume 48, Issue 10, 48 pp.

Editor’s Note 

Living in isolation, often with just our families, has meant that many families have spent more time together than ever. I have experienced this on both ends—as a parent and as a daughter. This summer, we braved the flight out east to stay with my parents in Connecticut for six weeks. It was the most time I had spent with them since I lived at home right after college! It was a very special visit because, after months of waiting, they got to meet their granddaughter for the first time. Seeing them as grandparents, and becoming a parent myself, has made me appreciate all they have done (and continue to do!) for me. 

Parents have a central role to play in all the stories and personal narratives in this issue—and not always a positive one. Leo Tolstoy famously opens his novel Anna Karenina with this maxim: “All happy families are alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” But I disagree—I think every family, happy or unhappy, is unique in its own way. I hope this issue inspires you to reflect on your own family—or to dream up a story about a fictional one!!

 – Emma Wood, Editor



5 Cheating by Kyler Min

17 Not Mom’s Best Friend by Jamison Freis

26 The Mystery of Mike by Panagiotis Apatsidis Gunaratnams

33 Regrets and Broken Gas Pumps by Sydney Burr

44 Balancing My Nerves and a Bike by Audrey Young

personal narratives

12 Actual Dads by Beatriz Lindemann

37 The Miscarriage by Alina Khilchenko


10 The Moon by Chloe Ma

22 Two Poems by Eli Nimchonok

31 Wrong Side by Lucy Hurwitz

35 We the People by Galen Halasz

42 Little Boat by Evangeline Flynn


4 The Great Imperfect World by Margaret Fulop

11 Bridge by Sloka Ganne

13 Rainbow Down a Hill by Nolan Mealer

16 Loyal Friend by Parinita Chandrashekar

24 Two Collages by Analise Braddock

27 Study in Geometry by Catilin Goh

32 Shattered Landscape by Leah Koutal

36 Orange Headscarf by Claire Jiang

43 Lighthouse by Alicia Xin

48 Honor Roll

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