Stone Soup Magazine: March 2021

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Stone Soup Magazine: March 2021. Volume 49, Issue 3, 48 pp.

Editor’s Note

I know March is winter still in most places, but I couldn’t wait to celebrate spring and all it symbolizes—new life and new beginnings. As I write this from the end of 2020, I don’t know what the winter will hold for all of us, but I feel sure that we will all be in need of many long, cleansing rains, big puddles to jump in, mud to squelch beneath our boots, tulip bulbs beginning to peek through the dirt, cherry blossoms, California poppies, rainbows, baby bunnies, fawns, songbird song, and everything else that comes with this wonderful season. 

Most of this issue is about spring—in a literal sense (spring is coming!) and also a metaphorical one. “Spring”—in the form of growth and new life—is coming after an emotional “winter.” Much of the writing in these pages tackles difficult experiences: divorce, fights with friends, moving, bullying, depression, and therapy. But what I love about these pieces is that the narrators are eventually able to see past their own feelings of isolation during these hard times, and to realize that these challenging experiences and difficult feelings are actually part of what connects us rather than keeps us apart.

Enjoy the almost-spring!




7 The Flowers  That Live Forever  by Iris Chen 

23 Moving to a Familiar Place  by Georgia Melnick 

28 A Windy  Spring Day  by Jack Meyer 

33 Sand and Sea  by Raya Ilieva 

40 Thank You, Bernie  by Sadie Primack

personal narratives

18 Believing by Lily Shi 

31 Brewing Trouble  by Oliver Cho


Cover:  Sensation  by Aiyla Syed

6 Fly High in the Sky  by Sloka Ganne

11  Five Photographs  by Sage Millen 

22 Good Time  by Emi Le 

27 Baseball Memories  by Lauren Yu 

32 Sunny Beach  by Emi Le

38 Buzzing Among Flowers  by Hannah Parker

41 Colossal Clouds  by Anya Geist

47 Reflections  by Analise Braddock

48 Highlights from

49 Honor Roll


30 Spring by Andy Li 

36 Three Poems by Alyssa Wu

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