Stone Soup Magazine: February 2021

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Stone Soup Magazine: February 2021. Volume 49, Issue 2, 48 pp.

Editor’s Note

One of the main defenses of literature today is that it makes you empathetic—that reading and writing help teach you how to put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Sometimes, in the case of a personal narrative, that “someone else” is even a different, earlier version of yourself.

The writing in this issue explores many perspectives that vary greatly from our own— from villagers in the Ecuadorian jungle to the objects in our cabinets, that perhaps live secret lives; from stray village cats to the bear, king of the forest; from the people commemorated by a memorial (which perhaps they hate!) to mythical creatures.

After reading this issue, perhaps you will feel inspired to explore your own environment and write your way into the perspective of something else that you find there—like your dog or a doll, an acorn or an apple, a deck of cards or a picture of a cow.



O22 The Wild World by Ever Sun

31 When You Fall Asleep at Night . . . by Yutia Li

35 The Vast Imagination of Melanie McGee by Sienna Rapaport

personal narratives

7 Life in the Jungle by Arielle Kouyoumdjian

32 Cody’s Last Day by Elena Baltz

46 Scared by Kaydence Sweitzer


12 The Mountain Giant’s Mouth by Ethan Chen

14 Four Poems by Amber Zhao

28 Two Poems by Graecie Gwyn


cover Snowman Army by Grace Williams

6 Twin Tigers by Sierra Glassman

13 Norway’s Light by Freyja Land

20 Morning Chore by Joey Vasaturo

23 Peaceful by Aerial Chen

30 Disco by Heloise Matumoto

34 Dragon Play by Maya Tzonev

45 Lion King by Laura Hu

47 Winding Staircase by Jeremy Nohrnberg

48 Highlights from

49 Honor Roll

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