Searching for Bow and Arrows, Poems by Tatiana Rebecca Shrayer, 12

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Searching for Bow and Arrows, poems by Tatiana Rebecca Shrayer
Published by Children's Art Foundation–Stone Soup Inc., July 1st, 2020.
ISBN 978-0-89409-206-0, 35 pages. 

Searching for Bow and Arrows is a poetry collection by twelve-year-old Tatiana Rebecca Shrayer, which won second place in the 2019 Stone Soup Book Contest. It is available in print as part of the double Summer (July/August 2020) issue of Stone Soup Magazine, and as a a solo collection in this eBook. This first published collection of 30 poems marks the debut of a powerful young poet's voice.

"Shrayer’s Searching for Bow and Arrows is about the weight of history—one’s own personal, familial history as well as the history of politics and nations—and a nostalgic longing for a homeland that both is and isn’t home. In her spare, formal poems, Shrayer probes the thin veil between the past and present, focusing on the natural world as a bridge between the two: “Drops / of saltwater / arranged / like letters / on an ancient scroll.”"—Emma Wood, Editor of Stone Soup Magazine.

Cover art: Detail from ‘Fall’ (Samsung Nook) by Vivian Torres, 9, Chicago, IL.

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