The First Stone Soup Print Annual!

Posted by William Rubel on Feb 15th 2014

Stone Soup is the largest publisher of writing and art by young people through age 13. We have been publishing writing and art by young people since 1973. From 1973 to 2017 our primary publishing format was a print magazine sent to schools, libraries, and homes. Beginning in the Summer of 2017 we shifted from publishing the magazine on paper to publishing online. At the same time, we continued to produce each issue for print.

I am excited to be able to announce today that the 2017 Print Annual has been sent to the printer. The book is a little over 350 pages. It is published on a magnificent paper in full color. The Annual includes every issue of Stone Soup from 2017 along with bonus material from the website including contest winners, the best blog entries, and music composed by young musicians. 

 You can subscribe to Stone Soup at our website, While we are soon going to be able to offer digital/print bundles, at this time you have to purchase online access to Stone Soup separately at our website.